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Code Officials: Building Safety Today for a Stronger Tomorrow

Code officials come from a variety of backgrounds. Their work affects every building in every community and brings building safety to life. Because of their commitment to building safety, our buildings stand, our communities prosper and our homes are safe. Learn more about the Value of Code Officials in this video.



ICC’s Alliance for National and Community Resilience

Showing how to be resilient in an ever changing world.



ICC’s High School Technical Training Program

Many experienced people are retiring. This leaves a gap of qualified workers in the trades. Learn how to read the codes and pursue a career in the trades to ensure a safe, sustainable community.



​​​How to use the new ICC Voting System

ICC is proud to debut the new Voting System at the 2018 ABM. If you are a Validated Voter, please watch this video to learn how to use the system. Visit to reset your PIN.

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